Starting a simulator (online or installation)

There are 2 options to start a simulator on MedicActiV:

  • Simulator launched in the web browser
  • Simulator downloaded and installed on the computer or tablet

Launching a simulator in the browser:

The simulators are developed with 3D technologies having a complete accounting with “WebGL”. 

Simulators can only be started with the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

Important : Internet Explorer is not supported by MedicActiV because it does not support WebGL

Simulator installation:

1) Installation on PC Windows

The installation of the simulator requires that you have the right to install programs on the computer. 

Once the simulator download is complete, click on the.exe file and follow the installation steps. We recommend that you create a shortcut on your desktop to easily find access to the simulator. 

When installing the application, Windows may display an alert panel stating that Windows has “protected your computer”.

If you are in this case, click on the “Additional Information” link to display the installation button. 


Remark: For any larger deployment on workstations you can use GPO install procedures.  

The installer is compatible with GPO scripts.


2) Installation on MacOSX

The installation of the simulator requires that you have the right to install applications on the computer. 

Once the simulator download is complete, launch the program installer and follow the installation steps.

Once the installation is complete you will find the simulator in your applications. 

According to your security settings, you may need to manually open the application.

In this case, from the Finder on your Mac, locate the app/installer you want to open, then press Control and click on the app icon.

You have to choose Open from the shortcut menu, then Click on the Open action.

If you have an Apple machine not using Intel processors (e.g: “M1”), you may have to use the “Rosetta” system extension in order to be able to run the simulators.
More information on the following link:

3) iOS tablet installation

After clicking on the application installation button, return to the Desktop to see the application install.

IMPORTANT: To launch this application downloaded directly from our website, you must first authorize it in the Settings.

Go to Settings / General / Device management

Select ” Radiant “ then ” trust Radiant “

You can then launch the MedicActiV application.


More information from: Apple Support


4) Installation on Android tablet

After starting the loading of the application, you will find the application in the download list of your web browser.

The application is downloaded directly from our website.

Click on the application Medicactiv_viewer.apk then on “Install”.

IMPORTANT : If you have not authorized the use of applications downloaded from a website on your tablet,

go to Settings / Security / Unknown source: “allow the installation of applications from unknown sources “ and tick this box.

Android Updates: When the application is updated, you will be offered a new download. You will then have to follow the same procedure as for its installation.