an innovative tool for more interactive
and collaborative training

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Technology has paved the way to new possibilities in healthcare training. More immersive, more realistic, more interactive and collaborative, the virtual clinical cases allow attractive training that meets the current expectations of learners.

Thanks to MedicActiV and its authoring tool, you can adapt the contents of your training
and have a tool that is as educational as it is innovative.

How can you integrate digital
simulation into your training program?

The Esprimed practical case

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Introduction to the structure :
Esprimed offers training in radiation protection for the continuing training
of healthcare professionals.

Learning objectives :
The pedagogical path is based on 21 split skills
in regulatory competencies and good practice
Each e-learning program has an optional quiz
to promote learning.
The evaluation is done through :
• actions during clinical cases (dressing stage + radio-guided act)
• quizzes during the game
• the final quiz

Project team : Project led by SimforHealth and a representative at Esprimed
Duration : Minimum 2 months depending on adaptation

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