Who are we?

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The MedicActiV platform was conceived and created by SimforHealth,
creator of digital solutions for healthcare training.
The SimforHealth teams bring together healthcare professionals,
educational experts and 3D engineers. For over 5 years,
they have been supporting training institutions, hospitals and public bodies
in the creation of innovative tools for initial and continuing training.


SimforHealth is a recognized player in
the field of digital healthcare simulation


SimforHealth offers an immersive, interactive and collaborative approach
to the training of healthcare professionals
by respecting the ethical concept

“Never the first time on the patient”
Thanks to the beliefs and values that drive us, we are
surrounded by many partners with whom we have developed solutions
that have already trained 30,000 healthcare professionals around the world.


What they think of the numerical simulation

Health digital simulation provides tangible solutions that recognize the human aspects in each patient instead of just seeing the bodies used as learning objects, sometimes without consent. It enables the emergence of a new rule, “never first on a patient.” It is an opportunity to democratize health. Beyond the training of health professionals, health digital simulation could also become a training tool and support for patients, in addition to or as part of therapeutic education.

Yvanie Caillé, Founder and Director of patients’ association, Renaloo

For patients, relatives, students and health professionals, digital is now available to all. In fact, it has become an essential information, teaching and education tool.

Within the CIS (Inter-professional Simulation Center), inter-professionalism is at the heart of our vision and our mission. By combining our expertise with those of new technologies teaching professionals, we are focused on developing a number of digital projects to serve students and healthcare professionals.

Gregory Cardot, Technical Manager of the Inter-professional Simulation Center, Geneva, European health simulation instructor

Through continuing professional development, training activities that allow feedback to be provided to the learner on their medical practice is the way of the future. Digital simulation is a tool of choice.

Dr. Vincent Jobin. DPC Manager, School of Medicine. University of Montreal.

Digital simulation represents a harmonized and diversified training offer by targeting all fields of activity of future therapists in preparation for their eventual placement. A course that meets healthcare regulatory requirement that will encourage the personal development of students in their initial training or the continuing education of professionals in order to improve the quality of care.

Prof. Peggy Gatignol, Speech Therapist, PhD, HDR

Digital simulation creates a link between theory and practice. Through virtual reality, it can address and assess the skills essential for future doctors and other healthcare professionals.
The interactive and immersive character of digital simulation truly complements the education that students receive during their training.

Prof. Patrick Dehail, MD PhD, Vice Dean, School of Medicine, School of Medical Sciences, Bordeaux

The possibility simulation offers to create or recreate clinical situations will enable all users, students and health professionals to learn by doing. Through repetition and analysis, it will strengthen their professionalism.

Sophie Alex-Bacquer, French Red Cross Manager