How to share your knowledge with virtual clinical cases ?

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MedicActiV’s virtual clinical cases are dedicated to the initial and continuing training of healthcare professionals in all disciplines. The platform lets you easily share your clinical practice recommendations and to develop knowledge in your discipline with a large number of collaborators.

How can you integrate digital simulation into your training program?

The practical case of the Société Savante de Radiologie

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Introduction to the structure: TheSociété française de radiologie(SFR)is a French association for the promotion of scientific progress in radiology. The objective of the SFR is to develop expertise in all imaging subjects and to publish it on its site, through the Journées Francophones de Radiologie, or through written or electronic publications.

Learning objectives:Clinical case for radiologists: Pre-operational consultation for a musculoskeletal disorder.

– Verification of contraindications and indication of the act
– Choice of technique
– Obtaining informed consent
– Explanation of practical nursing arrangements.

Clinical case for patients: Information and consent before performing an injected abdomino-pelvic scan

– Know the documents to be provided for the examination
– Understand the technique and the process before, during and after the examination
– Check for possible contraindications
– Obtaining informed consent

Project team:
Project led by SimforHealth and a representative from the Société Française de Radiologie.

Duration: 5 months

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