Recommended hardware and configuration

Computer / tablet – Recommended configuration:

The display of on-screen virtual simulators will be optimal on a computer or tablet configured to display real-time 3D.

=> PC computer: Windows 10 and + (64 bits); i5 core processor; dedicated 3D graphics card

Our simulators cannot be installed on Chromebooks.

=> Mac computer: OSX 10.14 and +; dedicated 3D graphics card

=> iPad tablet: iPad Air 2 and + (>= iOS 11)

=> Android tablet: recent model allowing the fluid display of 3D content

=> Smartphone: nos simulateurs ne fonctionnent pas sur smartphone.

Virtual reality – Recommended configuration:

The display of virtual simulators operating in virtual reality (VR) requires a virtual reality headset.
There are different types of virtual reality headsets.

Each simulator has been configured to work on one or more types of helmets. Here are two examples of helmets:

=> HTC VIVE or HTC VIVE Pro kit

Materials required:

      • HTC VIVE or HTC VIVE Pro kit (includes headset and controllers)
      • “VR Ready” PC computer
      • Tripods and hinges (mounting the cameras supplied in the kit)

=> HTC VIVE Focus Headset

Materials required:

      • HTC VIVE Focus Headset (includes headphones and controllers)


SimforHealth and its partners can help you purchase or rent the necessary equipment for your training.