Difficulties in displaying a simulator

The display of images is very slow or jerky:

Your graphics card may not be specifically adapted to display 3D content (see paragraph “Hardware and recommended configuration“).

To consult the simulators, if you are on PC or Mac you can, however:

  • download and install the simulator instead of launching it online
  • the launch of a simulator
    • reduce the simulator display resolution (by pressing the “Shift” key while clicking on the application at launch)
    • check the “windowed” box (to avoid full screen)
    • select a display lower than “fantastic” (beautiful, good, simple)
  • update your graphics drivers

The loading of the simulator is very long:

It is possible that your internet connection is not powerful enough (see paragraph “Network, firewall and emails“).

We recommend that you install the simulator on your computer or tablet rather than launching it in the browser (online display). Once installed, the simulator will require less bandwidth to operate.