How does it work?

MedicActiV is the first digital simulation platform dedicated to health training. It was created to meet the initial and continuing needs of health professionals for e-service training, on site or remotely. Our belief, shared by many healthcare professionals is that virtual clinical cases can provide an important complementary, innovative contribution to the overall training process.

It is an essential link between theory and the reality in the field
MedicActiV seeks to disseminate this technology and innovative approach to education as widely as possible through collaboration.
If you are a medical simulation training center, a medical school, a publisher of training content, a student, or a healthcare training organization then we offer solutions to enhance your business. Please read below…

Would you like to author, publish and sell interactive health training content?

If you have medical and educational content that you would like to share,
there are two options for you:

  • Custom Solution Development

    Rely on our expert team to automate rich interactive training of your clinical case using cutting-edge technologies such as medical imaging, videos and 3D modeling. Contact us for more details and pricing.

  • Autonomously

    Use the clinical case creation tool “PatientGeneSys”.
    Available in 2017.

Authors and publishers can then

Sell their case on MedicActiV
Make them available to a specific group of individuals
Only clinical cases developed with these two technical solutions can be disseminated and consulted on MedicActiV

Would you like to view cases or make them available to your students?

Intuitive and ergonomic, MedicActiV will take you to an event that meets your needs

To view and participate in training:

  1. Create an account
  2. Browse our ever-increasing library of cases

    and clinical case(s) in this category in the language of your choice

  3. To offer our content to your students:

    Please contact us to get more detail and discuss next steps

  4. View the case using your choice of media

    – Via a web browser on your computer (PC or Mac)
    – By downloading the application on your computer (PC / Mac)
    – By downloading the application MedicActiV on your Android tablet or iPad (coming soon)

* At the launch of MedicActiV, five clinical case demonstrations are available. Additional cases will be published regularly on the platform.

A flexible business model

  • With MedicActiv you are able to publish your own clinical case and get a share of the revenue (% defined for each case
  • You can also choose to pay a subscription to publish you clinical cases for free to a targeted audience. This would be ideal for a medical school giving access to a collection to clinical cases to its students.

Coming soon…

  • A accreditation system

    A accreditation system

    Medical relevance and pedagogical content indexing for each case
  • Online collaboration tools

    Online collaboration tools

    To share and exchange a clinical case between different locations
  • Multiplayer clinical cases

    Multiplayer clinical cases

    To enhance interactivity