Spaces on MedicActiV

3Each institution, structure or organization can benefit from its own space on MedicActiV. Each user has a personal space. 

A user can have access to different spaces.

Example of Pr Plantier, a cardiologist at the University Hospital of Paris, involved in the French Society of Cardiology and professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Paris.
Thanks to MedicActiV, Mr. Plantier has access to 4 spaces:

– his personal space which allows him to access the demonstration simulators and the authoring tool for personal use ;
– the space of the University Hospital of Paris which allows him to access the simulators designed by the University Hospital Training Department service
– the space of the Faculty of Medicine in Paris that allows him to have access to the simulators he designed thanks to the MedicActiV authoring tool to train his students ;
– the FSC space where he can consult the simulators that the FSC has designed with SimforHealth

A user can access the different spaces with which he is associated with only one identifier (email and password). It can pass from one space to another thanks to the banner of spaces on MedicActiV. The headband can be opened and formed with the button .  To connect to one of the spaces it is necessary to click on the “Access this space” button.